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I am a confident.

I am powerful.

I am a great dad and great husband.

I love my family and my family loves me.


I am a great provider for my family.

I am a great example of healthy financial independence.

People look up to me and respect me for what I’ve accomplished and what I’m accomplishing.


I have a great business.

I attract sharp motivated people that understand business principles and are eager to make money.

I enjoy interacting with them, training them, and mentoring them. I feel confident when I do.

My team loves growing together and supports us and each other.


I love to teach and train in front of a room.

I feel confident when I’m in front of people.

I naturally relax and enter my zone when I am in front of people.

I really really enjoy it and I am at my best when I’m in front of a crowd.


I am healthy.

I naturally avoid foods that are bad for me.

My body processes the food it needs for a healthy weight and discards the rest without weight retention.


I live in a great home and I enjoy it immensely.

The views are spectacular and there is a peace that surrounds us there.


I give back to our world. I have the financial resources to make healthy donations every month.
I enjoying giving back and I am grateful that I am able to do so.


I am happy, grateful, fun loving, generous, kind, charismatic, and loved. I am a positive force for good and I choose to keep a positive attitude at all times!

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